Tristar Group

Clean Energy

Solar energy

Tristar Group has taken advantage of the clean and abundant solar resources to contribute to the climate-friendly energy transition in Pakistan. We are trying to bridge the energy gap in Pakistan with solar power solutions

We are focused on contributing to national and global solar transition targets and strive to pioneer the innovative adoption of solar energy solutions and we empower customers with high-quality power supply.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen energy involves the use of hydrogen and/or hydrogen-containing compounds to generate energy to be supplied to all practical uses needed with high energy efficiency, overwhelming environmental and social benefits, as well as economic competitiveness. The world is presently experimenting with the dawning of hydrogen energy in all sectors that includes energy production, storage, and distribution; electricity, heat, and cooling for buildings and households; the industry; transportation; and the fabrication of feedstock. Energy efficiency and sustainability are two important factors driving the transition from the present fossil fuel–based economy to a circular economy, that is, a renewable circular sustainable fuel utilization cycle that will characterize the highly efficient engineering and the energy technological choices of the 21st century.

Tristar Group is actively pursuing emerging opportunities in green hydrogen to provide decarbonization solutions for traditionally hard-to-abate sectors and applications which cannot be electrified. To know more, mail us